Icecast client for android

DemoicesShout is a client application for the Icecast streaming server that can be installed on any mobile device as a tablet or smartphone Android.
DemoicesShout makes use of the libshout library that lets you send data to the icecast streaming server.
In the following graph shows the operation of the application:
The application DemoicesShout connects to the Icecast server allowing communication between both, from the mobile device you can select an audio file in formats OGG-vorbis or MP3 and be sent to the Icecast streaming server that is widely used as online radio.

DemoicesShout has the following characteristics:

-Demonstration Application that lacks many features.
-Works in android 2.2 as minimum.
-Supports audio formats MP3 and Ogg vorbis.
-Supports English and Spanish languages.
-Use the libshout library for android.
-Use the libogg and libvorbis library for android.

Some screenshots:
Main screen showing the status of the connection with icecast server.
Configuration options.
File browser that allows you to select the audio file to be transmitted.
When selected the audio file you will have to press the "Apply" button for the changes have been recorded.

Download DemoIcesShout.apk

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Android application using libshout:

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