Icecast client for android

DemoicesShout is a client application for the Icecast streaming server that can be installed on any mobile device as a tablet or smartphone Android.
DemoicesShout makes use of the libshout library that lets you send data to the icecast streaming server.
In the following graph shows the operation of the application:

libogg,libvorbis and libshout libraries for Android

The libraries libogg, libvorbis and libshout for android were ported using the Android ndk that allows you to use code C/C++.

Libshout the code comes from the project server streaming, this library allows you to create customers for sending data(audio) to the Icecast server, changes made to allow libshout be used from Android 2.2

Skins for android

Skin Teraware/A-Pad:

The skin for android emulator is based on the characteristics of screen teraware the tablet has the following characteristics:

Screen resolution in pixels= 480x800

Screen density(dpi)= 160

Download skin

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